Digital Illustration of Astronaut May Jemison

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Illustration for article on food allergies

Media: Watercolor

Illustration of Rabid Rabbit
Media: Watercolor

Digital illustration of Holiday Card Design

Healthline Magazine Cover Art for article "Searching for Cures for Alzhemers"
Media: Graphite pencil drawing

Digital Illustration of Berta Caceres, environmental activist & indigenous leader


Artist/Graphic Artist
Under Construction

Cover Art for article Visions Tests
Media: Painting on canvas board

Illustration of Woody Allen in a Bozo suit
Media: Oil Painting

Healthline Magazine illustration for article on Sinusitis

Media: Prismacolor pencils

Digital Illustration of Artist Frida Kahlo

Digital Illustration of Aviator
Amelia Earhart

"Cherry Picking Your Music"

Digital Illustration for KFOG Radio Station CD Cover for "Live From the Archives" Food Bank Fundraiser