Artist/Graphic Artist

Campaign materials for Tom Panas 2016 run for West Contra Costa County School Board. 

He won a seat on the school board.

Business cards

Campaign handouts, 9" x 6"

Direct to Door mailer, 9 x 11"

Campaign handouts, 6" x 9"

We had three versions of yard signs. They were very visable and very readable from far away.

Campaign materials for Dr. Fatima Alleyne 2016 run for Contra Costa County Board of Education. 

She won by a large margin with a limited budget. We ran a very grassroots campaign with volunteers dropping campaign materials door-to-door.  I used bright colors that weren't used by any other candidates.

Yard signs, 24" x 18" two color on corrugated vinyl. We had three versions of yard signs that could be seen and easily read from far away.

Door hangers, English one side and Spanish the other side

First mailer, 11" x 8.5"

Business Cards