I have been a professional graphic artist and an artist for over 30 years. I live with my family in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area near Wildcat Canyon regional park.

I have enjoyed drawing since I was a very young child and have found creating art as a grounding force throughout my life.  Art can always provide new challenges and is something that always has endless paths to take you on.

I hope you enjoy the art I've uploaded and I will update this website  regularly with my latest drawings and paintings.

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my experience


My favorite mediums to work with are oil paints and soft pastels. I like the feel and quick interaction of the pastels on the paper and the color and textures of the oil paint on the painting surface. My style has been influenced by the Impressionists and California colorists. I’ve exhibited my work in numerous gallery shows in California.

The primary element of color has been my focus. Color on it's own has energy, emotion and can create a mood. I look for vitality and life in my subject and try to show a feeling of playful enthusiasm in my artwork.
I use texture and shape in the composition to create movement in a painting.

The primal urge to create art has been a constant thread in my life. I have continued to create art throughout my life, even with other demands, such as my children and family.


Work Experience
For over 25 years I have worked as an Art Director, Illustrator, and Graphic Artist. Owner of Wildcat Grrraphics. I've had illustrations / artwork published in numerous publications. Illustrative art, textbook illustrations, anatomy & medical illustrations, product drawings, etcetera

Other Hobbies
Educational Activist. Latino representative as plaintiff in a California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) lawsuit forcing a large district to comply with the 2001 CVRA. 


Selected Exhibitions

Mama Luna Art Gallery, Crocket, California. 2017. Groups shows

Raquel Amaral Art Gallery, Concord California. 2017 . Groups Shows. Original art and Prints

Cafe Arividerci, Upscale restaurant withcurated art shows. San Rafael, California, 2010 - 2011

One person shows and one group show

A.C.C.I., Arts and Crafts. Fine Art & Contemporary Crafts Gallery
. 2006. Group exhibitions

Pro Art's East Bay Open Studios, June 3-4 & 10-11, 2006. Open art studio to public

Odyssey Books, Metaphysical Shop, Edmonds, Washington. 2000-2001
Group exhibitions and had ongoing representation

Harbinger, Arnold, California. 1993-1996. Group exhibitions and had ongoing representation

L' Atelier Murphys, California. 1993-1997. Group exhibitions and had ongoing representation

Silver Lining Studios, Angels Camp, California. 1994-1995. Solo exhibition and had ongoing representation

Kautz Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys, California. 1993-1995. Group exhibitions


Artist/Graphic Artist